Here’s a little site where you and I can keep in touch. Over the next few months I have a few busy trips. My internet access will be spotty at best. So I’ve set this up. Here you can follow me around all over the world (or at least to Europe), hear how you can pray for me, as well as let me know how you’re doing in your own life (via comments).

I’m looking forward to all that this wonderful internet can offer us in opportunities to keep in touch. Of course, it isn’t the same as sipping chai and talking in person–but it will have to do for now.




3 responses

  1. Oh Sara Bibb! Can I see you before you go? Your trip sounds so exciting… I’m in town for the time being, so we should get together and catch up.

  2. Hello love!

    I am so sorry I’ve already left! When do you go back to Texas? I would love to see you before you go. I get back from France August 15th, can we hang out after that?

  3. I think there will be some overlap there… classes start around the 25th of August or something, so I’m pretty sure I’ll still be here. 🙂

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