Sunburn and Bats in the Attic

Today, I woke up after only 5 hours of sleep to find three extra girls in the room next door. Apparently, a bat was flapping around in the attic room last night so the 5 girls from up there came down and slept elsewhere. Dr. Davis claimed he has officially killed the bat and buried it in the backyard and will give anyone $100 if they see it tonight. So hopefully there won’t be squealing and yelling at 1am tonight.

Yesterday was a down day after Rouen, Giverny and before Versailles today. It was sunny and gorgeous so we all put on our bathing suits and headed down to the beach. While there, all the gils decided to lay out. Well, my family came to America from England and Wales (mostly) so I’m not exactly built for sun. Laying out seemed like I was asking for sunburn and skin cancer isn’t on my list of ways to die. So when someone offered to go for a run, I jumped on it. Even though I’m painfully out of shape.

Chelsea and I ran way way far down the beach. We ran through sand that swallowed us up to our knees and turned our feet black. We splashed through icy water with slippery ground underneath that glowed green. We jumped over crabs and mussells and rocks that threatened to cut our feet.

And over all this, we talked about Jesus. We told each other our stories and talked about hopes, dreams and even a few fears.

I’m so thankful to Jesus. I think between Chelsea and Becca I have an anamcara- soul friend-for the trip.

Now if Taylor will just stop trying to get me to do some shots. Then I think we’ll be okay. And once I convince him that a guy is supposed to share food with the girlfriend.


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