A New Discovered Fear: Heights

Dear Josh,

You would be proud of me. On Monday we went Kayaking down the river, I think it was the Rhone. It was beautiful. It reminded me of the time in Colorado when I went white water rafting. Not because the water was rough, in fact, it was quite smooth. But it was the scenery. The towering cliff sides, the blue water, the brown shallow sections where we usually got stuck on the fist sized rocks that scratched under our three person kayak.

And then, it happened. We came around a corner and towering above us (about 300 feet) was the Roman aquaduct. I was amazed. There were three tiers, and each was perfectly balanced over the river. The arches were smooth, in perfect condition despite the years. The people on the bottom teir looked small, like dots, or ants standing on two legs as we floated underneath.

We were going to jump off the aquaduct, it was about 75 feet above the water. But the water wasn’t deep enough. Apparently the south of France has inherited Colorado’s eternal drought. So we found a cliff and climbed that. Tully says that it was about 30 feet.

Josh, I was so nervous. I knew I was iffy about heights. But I didn’t know it was so bad. People had to count down for my friend Becca and I to jump. It was terrifying standing on that cliff, looking down at the water and being able to see that the hillside jutted out, knowing I had to jump forward and that my feet might brush the rocky river bed. But most of all, I was amazed at how much higher it seemed from above than below. People were flying off of cliffs above me. They ran, jumped, swan dived, cannonballed, did it in pairs, alone, with small children, with parents. And I stood at the top of my cliff shaking.

But Josh, I did it. You would be proud. I did it twice. It was exhilerating. I don’t even think I screamed as I tumbled into the water. It was so cold, I could barely move when I popped back up above the surface. I didn’t feel the bottom the first time, just the mossy seaweed stuff. The second time I felt the pebbles. I was freezing. My knees were knocking both times before I finally took that leap of faith. I even prayed the first time, I was so nervous. But it was incredible.

Josh, someday, let’s find a river with moderate rocks and take Isaac jumping. It won’t be in front of the Roman Aquaducts, but it will still be awesome.



postscript: Mum, can you cancel that haircut with Robyn? Thanks.


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