Scattered Internet, Late Nights, Talent Shows, Health and Finals

Hi all,

sorry I have been unable to update for a while. The internet here was out for about 2 days, and when I finally got to check last night it was late and I wanted to sleep. Of course, I should have known that with the boys on this trip, sleep was not going to come easily.

We decided to sleep on the pool deck last night, lay out under the stars, enjoy some good conversation, cool night air, a breeze blowing over us. It was great. People came and went and finally it settled down to those of us who wanted to sleep and others went inside to their own, more comfortable beds. It was wonderful. I was actually comfortable, snuggled deep in my quilt, wrapped around my floppy square pillow. And I was totally out.

I didn’t hear the laughter, or the scuffle with the chaise-lounge-chair. I hardly even heard the splash. But I did wake up to Laura’s screams as she hurtled through the air, into the deep end of the pool. The boys were gone before I had rubbed my eyes awake. All I knew was Laura was climbing out of the pool, yelling, or cursing, or something. Hanna was grabbing their stuff, Chelsea was standing startled beside her own cot, Tully had disappeared long ago. Two boys, slightly tipsy, had decided that it was the perfect evening for a midnight swim.

Thanks for your prayers. Anthony has Type 1 Diabetes. A pain, but manageable.

Tomorrow, early in the morning, I leave for Paris. I’m a bit nervous, I think because there won’t be a “house” to come back to and I already feel more displaced than normal. It has been too long since I’ve had a real home. But I’m excited too. it’s going to be great to walk the streets of the old city, run wild and crazy with new-found friends. And I’ll probably have internet when I get to Beth’s in England.

I have nothing very deep or exciting. I just took one of my last two finals ever. We had a talent show that finally brought everyone together and we all jumped in the pool afterward for a great time. I’m doing well. Getting ready to be “home” again, even if only for a few days. It will be wonderful to be with people who love me and I feel comfortable with again.

And of course, my own bed. 🙂

But at the same time, I’m not actually homesick. Just bored over here.


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