I really miss Seattle.

I miss:

Caitlin being stressed and talking to herself.

Tully’s with Nezzy giving me free food.

Daniel fixing my computer.

Ryan being obnoxious.

Kelsie and her stupid exercise ball rolling all over the place.

Planet Earth with Indo tea with a good friend.

Baking muffins with Cami.

Playing soccer in Vancouver.

Mount Tabor and rambling about nothing with Kat.



Homework, oddly enough.

Dr. Davis telling me I’m a baby and can’t get married until I’m at least 27.

Marshall Park, at night, after a run in the mist, watching the ferry.

Sarah Barton’s footie pajamas that I am secretly jealous of.

Listening to scream-o with Alicia.

Walking Winston in the rain.

MuKappa. Everything MuKappa.

The really loud, heart pumping, earth shaking worship at Mars Hill.

“Men” in skinny jeans that should be owned by children.

The drive to Shoreline and the longer drive to Portland.

{edit}Valerie calling me little Sara and laughing…when she’s the short one.

funny, that. One week later and all I want to do is go back to a place I never planned to call home. “I am a liar who thirsts for the truth… I use one hand to pull you closer the other to push you away…”

“and if we just keep digging, we can reach the foundation of our souls.” but what if I don’t like the foundation of my soul?


6 responses

    • I’m glad that’s all you see when you read this post. Not the fact that you’re the first person mentioned in a rather long (albeit abbreviated list). Or the fact that I used the adverb “really” before the verb “miss” in reference to Seattle–which translates to: I “really” “miss” Caitlin.

      but yes, you’re right. now the whole world of eight people who read this blog now knows that you talk to yourself. 🙂

  1. um… Valerie? you are short. I think that Lance should have broken the news to you by now. And I’m glad you appreciate being mentioned. I couldn’t believe I’d somehow forgotten you the first time around.

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