smallish announcements

Yesterday I had my first day of “work” at Wells Fargo.

I have a new page on here: it’s called “Causes” I’ll update it every so often, so you should check it out! Things that are near and dear to my heart that you too can support.

It’s SNOWING. On the website! Yep, you’re not imagining those funny white dots soaring across your screen. They really are there! I wanted to share the wintertime with you, and I love the holiday cheer that comes from snow. Even if it didn’t snow in Bethlehem, even if it was hot and sweaty, lights glowing beneath freshly fallen snow always makes me thing about Christmas time and Jesus.


2 responses

  1. I didn’t know you had a blog until yesterday, and I’m so excited to find it and hear a little of your heart! I love the snow, too. 🙂 And that I’m listed on your blogroll! I already added you to my blog reader.

  2. thanks Kacie. I would say the oldest posts (from July and August) are the best on here. Lately I haven’t much to write about, so I use a lot of space filled with words that really don’t say much. 🙂

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