A Very Merry Visit

This weekend a friend came to visit me and it was the best thing ever! We hardly did anything at all which was wonderful. She arrived on Thursday while I was at work, making small talk with customers and watching Cody freak out that his drawer was $849 over. I helped balance the vault and handled more money than I’ll ever make in my lifetime. And at 645 I shot out that door and on down to Lincoln road. I made the normal 26 minute drive out to be 19 minutes, and I hardly even had to speed!

Amanda was a good sport waiting for me on Thursday night and again on Friday morning. We had a delightful weekend of baking cookies, wandering over the Rocky Mountains to find the perfect Christmas tree and a lot of laughter. Amanda is a great friend, she lived across the hall from me at school one year and just down the hall during our second. I did laundry at her apartment our third year and we spent sometime crying on her couch while my clothes tossed in the dryer. She texted me in a peeved sort of manner when she had an awkward moment with Anthony–not knowing we’d broken up. And this weekend she hugged me and said it was all going to work out in the long run, someway, somehow.

It was great to have a friend who wanted to see me, talk with me and listen to me. She didn’t mind that I had other comitments and that we had to twist our schedule around my new job and my family’s car situation. She was fine to sit at home, happy to be in a coffee shop, content to be cheap and willing to hug me all the time.

Christmas time is here. Happiness and Cheer. This past weekend it was wrapped up in the package of snuggly Amanda. This coming weekend it’ll be in the shape of a five month old nephew in the arms of my awesome brother and sister in law.

And when my schedule slows down, we’ll chat about the other nifty things going on. Like Kacie and Kyle and Daniel and Ghena.

oh, and the Messiah. We can’t forget him. I’m pretty excited for Christmas, I feel like a little kid sometimes, wanting to jump up and down and tell the whole world: Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming! The world is soon to be set to rights! He’s on his way!


3 responses

  1. yeah, Amanda is pretty spectacular. I think hanging out with your sister is going to be wonderful as well.

    And take your time getting back to me, no hurry. Any chance you’ll be in Colorado this Christmas?

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