Why Yes, Mr. Slayden

I do know that girl you’re trying to not date but who won’t leave you alone, we went to high school together. And I’m falling on the floor laughing about it. Good lord, how’d you get mixed up with that? And after that hysterical conversation about Slayden’s non-exclusive girl friend who he’s trying (unsuccessfully) to break up with, I forgot half my buy/sells with the cash machine.

So we were at work searching for that missing buy/sell … about forty five minutes late.

And in the late afternoon, when things were a bit slow; even in the middle of the rushes, when people were nervous the money wouldn’t be credited before we switched days, Slayden and I had a great conversation. It was a bit scattered, between deposits, with drawals, phone calls down to the main branch for approval, happy customers and crabby ones, we managed to have a decent chat.

like this:

“Do you think God doesn’t approve of drinking?”

“I think that God doesn’t approve of drunkenness. And not because he’s a killjoy, but because it’s not good for us. I have a friend whose dad is an alcoholic, and it’s totally screwed up their family. I don’t think God looks at that happily and says ‘good work, have another drink,’ I think it bothers him.”


“Are you, you know, against all the typical things that Christians are against?”

“Um, what are those things?” Pre-marital sex had to be my favourite awkward topic to discuss with that series of questions.


“I think science is really important, and useful, I don’t like that Christians are so hard set against it. I mean, why can’t evolution be true? Why can’t God have created a process that ended with something reflecting his image?”

“Well, you know, we don’t know what it means to be in the image of God. It’s not like he sits up in heaven and looks like you and me, I don’t think  our physical-ness is what makes us in the image of God, you know? So, sure, I don’t have a problem with evolution. And I like science, I’m not very good at it, but I don’t mind it.”

We talked about Zoaster, the cult of Mithras, Moses, the ten plagues, the Catholic church, marriage, drinking versus being drunk, abortion, sex, my apparent naivete, and everything in between. Well, okay, not everything in between. But there were certainly a lot of things to be talked about today. It was incredible. I had no answers. I couldn’t even text Kristen and ask her to pray because just what I was afraid of happening at my job was taking place not even a week after we’d talked about it. All I could think of was sleeping at Jana’s and our conversation over breakfast while we watched the temperature drop outside amidst the snow flurries. I told her that I was nervous this would happen, I told her I was afraid of being in the states for a long time and working with suburban-ites. I said that to Jana because I knew she’d understand the sickly horror I feel when I think about staying state-side for too long. But here it was, Brett asking me questions and me wishing I had better answers than the stumbling, disjointed responses I gave to his questions. It was kind of scary.

But it was also kind of cool.

And in the car, on the way home, David Crowder’s “You are Glorious” came on. Oh my word. He does make everything glorious–like this stupid job that I don’t even like, and my stumbling, broken mouth that has no answers.

And really, I do only want to be His.

maybe someday, Slayden will too.


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  1. That was a sweet post Sara, but I am a little disappointed that you forgot to mention your nephew’s 1/2 birthday. Um Hello! What kind of super sweet aunt forgets her only nephew’s 1/2 birthday!

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