Lazy Monday

Today is a day off, thanks to the great Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. After talking with a friend who lives in Boston, I feel somewhat obligated to point out that there are still wide gaps between whites and blacks in America. In Boston, transportation is segretated–whites on the train, blacks on the buses–because one method is cheaper than the other and there are wage discrepencies between races. As well, there is incredible de facto segregation in terms of housing. Here in Denver, Aurora is where many African Americans reside, while Hispanics are largely concentrated on the West side near Federal and Hampden. Douglas County is full of wealthy white families in their bland suburbia and the only Hispanics we see at the bank in Parker are usually day laborers. Despite all this, I would say that America has made some decent strides in erradicating blatant discrimination. But lets not stop here.

In honur of Martin Luther King, banks and governmental agencies give their workers a holiday. I have to say, I am incredibly thankful for that today. Brian has work off tonight so he and Brandi don’t need me to watch the kids–so it’s a full day off, evening included. And what am I going to do with this freedom? Well, I got a haircut (finalmente), I have my teeth getting cleaned this afternoon, I cleaned out the car and got the oil changed, and had a lovely phone date with Sarah Bartona [la otra].

I don’t know that life can get much better! Tonight I am going to make truffles, go for a run, hopefully talk with my sweet grandmother, and do a little writing.

Also, have I mentioned it’s 50 degrees and I just sat outside while on the phone with Sarah? Yeah. I love Colorado.


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