Working and Sabbathing

It was a long week at work. Wonderful, in some ways, bad in others, long all around.

I have decided that I’m not cut out for this sort of thing. I don’t see why someone doesn’t want to hire me to hang out with people, make them lattes and just cook delicious food (like soto ayam, which I have been craving).

But working has done many good things for me. One of them is that it has suddenly helped me to appreciate weekends and the untold wisdom of God in commanding us to honour a sabbath day of rest. Not that I just sit around on my weekends and relax with a book or in front of the tv watching a chick flick. That is all well and good, and something I have done many times. But lately, I have been a bit more active on my weekends.

God has blessed me with an awesome church that has a total of… five singles. One, Holly, attends the seminary here in Denver and she is often busy with friends from there. So that leaves four of us, all in the same small group, who hang out regularly. It’s great. We are getting to know each other pretty well, and we always have a blast. A few weeks ago we were downtown eating sushi when Joy discovered: she doesn’t actually like sushi. We also talked about why I don’t like fish tanks in restaraunts. Or last week, when Joy shouted things like “south in yo mouth!” while winning at skip-bo and we talked about music and cars. Or in Barnes and Noble discussing which translation we each read of the Bible and I rolled my eyes about KJV–only to find out that Jason likes KJV. Woops.

It’s been great fun, many late nights full of laughter and a few serious conversations. I know all about Jeff and his fiance. I have watched Joy be angry and giggly all in the same hour. I’ve been told to stop tail-gating by Jason and laughed at by everyone for the stupid things I say. And it’s just all around wonderful to feel there’s a place to belong even if we don’t quite fit together perfectly.

Last weekend I went skiing and it was gorgeous. The clouds were lofty and grey and it snowed in big fluffy flakes that padded the ground for my many falls. Tomorrow I am going hiking. I’ll try to take some pictures and post them from my latest weekend adventure. I like these weekends off of work and the chance to be out, enjoying God’s creation with friends. It’s a great way to sabbath without spending the whole day in front of the tube. And it’s basically just a wonderful thing to be with people and listen to them talk about God. It’s like a sabbath from work, but a chance to learn so much more. Maybe this is what Aaron means about being the church as opposed to just going to church.


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