Snowy Sunday

Yesterday I went home from church, feeling sick and just wanting to sleep. On Saturday I had gotten talked into skiing, getting up at 520am and being in the car for almost four hours in mountain traffic on grey slushy roads. I was battling a cold, and I thought that falling over into snowbanks near tree lines wasn’t the best plan for getting well. The problem is, you see, I’m a pushover and I give into peer pressue. It’s not always a bad thing, Jason reminds me. Thanks to peer pressure I’m reading my my Bible more consistently than ever before. But this was the bad kind of peer pressure, and I gave in to an early morning, an exhausting work out and bitter cold winds on the peak eight ski lift over the moguls watching the people bounce and fall and get back up again only to repeat the endless process of tumbling down the mountain.

So on Sunday, after church, all I wanted to do was sleep away my cold and sorely bruised muscles. But I gave into peer pressure again. [this was a bad weekend for me apparently] I gave into peer pressure and I went to a friend’s condo for lunch and to return the camelbak I had borrowed during Saturday’s adventure. And lunch turned into an afternoon of setting up a new tv, watching the olympics, translating a family tree, going to radio shack for tv cables and picking up food at sunflower market since we were nearby. And there delicious french bread that had just come from the oven–so naturally we bought some of that before heading back out into a snowy afternoon. We went back to the condo, and while he set up those newly bought cables, I made hot chocolate. Because you can’t have it snowing in big fluffy flakes outside the third floor window without drinking hot cocoa. And then we watched Pushing Daisies, the Olympics and suddenly, it was 730! My stomach was growling and there was still French bread that we hadn’t eaten. We broke the crusty baguette and dipped it in homemade chicken noodle soup. And then we sat at the table for an hour talking, then stood in the kitchen and washed dishes and talked for another hour. And then, with the roads icing over and the snow still falling, I had to go home before I got stuck and had to skip work in the morning.

So we said our goodbyes and I went home to bed and that much needed rest.

But the funny thing is, I felt better already. I was sick going into the weekend and I was sick on Sunday after church. But a good afternoon with an awesome guy was even better for my soul and rest than a late afternoon nap.

Maybe, like Jason says, peer pressure isn’t always a bad thing.


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