Look out Seattle!

Tomorrow morning I am off on another grand adventure, this one to an old home with dear friends and places to revisit rather than explore for the first time. I’m pretty excited. We’ll see how happy I feel at 3.00AM tomorrow morning when I roll out of bed. But once I’m in that pick up truck on my way to DIA, I’m sure I’ll be just giddy with excitement.

Today I got off work late (as usual) with a pounding headache that made my eyelids heavy and my tongue thick in my mouth.  Out of habit I turned the radio on while headed home on the only street that services lonetree to parker. As I flew westward, passing a long line of cars headed hte opposite direction I couldn’t help but smile. In spite of the ridiculous headache and the fifteen minutes that were stolen from my afternoon, it was a perfect afternoon.

The sun was shining.

It was warm.

I dug painkillers out of my purse while trying to shift at the yellow lights that turn red far to quickly. I rolled down my window with that manual crank that makes me look like a fool as my head bobs up and down in the process. I could feel the cool air on my skin and the sun warmed my face to a glowing pink that came from more than just the heat.

Tomorrow I am headed home, to one of many homes. I am going to see Caitlin and dance in the rain. I am going to hug Alicia and drink far too much coffee. I’ll be sleeping at Amanda’s without catching a wink. And on Sunday, I’ll be rocking out to Mars Hill worship and listening to Mark even while missing my friends here and the church that I have come to love in Colorado.

Tomorrow I will be getting picked up by a good friend at 3.30AM and will be rubbing my eyes and yawning during the whole 45 minute ride to the airport. But the sun will be coming up just before we arrive, streaking the sky with yellows and pinks amid hazy clouds still waking from their own slumber. And tomorrow, maybe, we’ll have time to sit in the airport and chat and sprint on the moving sidewalks that always make me giggle.

And in someways, the airport will be as wonderful as the trip. Because I have a very strange affinity for airports: probably after living in them for a good portion of my life, they feel as homey as rainy Seattle and sunshiney Colorado and humid Latin America. Besides, I’ll be with Jason looking forward to being with Caitlin (and so many others). And when you are with a good friend like that, one place is as good as any other.


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