Seattle Weekend

This is Caitlin and I on the way home from church today. Just for me, the Ballard bridge went up (nothing to do with the sailboat going underneath). So like the tourists we make fun of, we jumped out of the car and took some pictures! yay ballard!

This is Kelsie freaking Job and I at Palomino's on the east side for desert and an all around good time in cute little cocktail dresses. Caitlin was there too, and we had a great time!

Kellie and I at Macrina Bakery. We had delicious lattes and baked goods and caught up on life in the past nine months since we've seen each other

Alicia and I at Gasworks, having perhaps one of my best conversations all weekend. Starbucks, sunshine, blankets on the grass, and a favorite roommate, what can be better?

and did I mention, it’s spring time in Seattle? the trees are withered and the air still frigid in Colorado, and we may be expecting our snowiest month in March. But in Seattle, the world is in bloom and life is beautiful.


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