Many Things

Right now, I am sitting at a lovely house with two dogs and two snarky little cats that like to pounce on me while I’m sleeping. I am watching Ocean’s 13 and polishing off a little bit of confetti ice cream.  I just got off the phone with someone who listens to me ramble and even laughs occasionally. I also talked with Amanda Jordan who is quite possibly one of the sweetest and yet craziest people I know.

Today on the radio, on two different stations I heard the song “Chasing Cars” and I turned it up and rolled down the windows. For the first time in several months, it didn’t tear up, it made me smile and laugh at good memories. I’m moving forward, even while standing still. I am in Colorado, and it would appear I’m here to stay for a little while.

And you know what? I’m pretty stoked about it. Because I almost cried over someone at work today, and I teased a friend when he called and complained about a fake date he’d been unexpectedly dragged into. And people here, well, they are wonderful even while hurting and they need Jesus too.

I realized something today, while Chucky and I worked the drive up. He said that people are self centered and obsessed with getting what they want right now. And I thought, this is the weirdest conversation to be having. I mean, since when does Chucky talk about poeple being self centered? And speak of it with such knowledge and clarity?

I think that sometimes we don’t give those outside the church enough credit. At some point, probably in youth group during high school, I picked up the idea that non-Christians didn’t know the mess they were in. I thought for awhile that they were unaware of the problems, because they were so cuaght up in it all that they were blinded to it.

I don’t think that’s true anymore. Chucky and Slayden, they know the ish. They are very aware and they are more willing that most Christians I know to talk about their crap, and the folly that they have created, lived in and continue to enjoy. They know it so well, so intimately and they aren’t really alright with the way things are.

They just don’t see another way out.

I guess I’m learning, while I talk with Chucky about his daughter and Slayden about his crazy weekends, I’m learning that it isn’t about judging them or making them see the sin. It’s about showing them the way out.

Because, I think in many ways, that’s what Jesus is. A way out and into something better.

Further up and further in.


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