Hilarious Disrespect

(as opposed to the last post, in which I talked about my renewed attempts to show respect to others…)

Today I had the lunch room all to myself, but I’d left my purse upstairs with my Bible and moleskine in it so after heating my taco, the table felt very lonely and the room seemed deathly quiet. So I reached, almost mournfully, for the remote and told myself there might be something worth watching in the middle of the day.

And thus, I was reminded of my great love for John Stewart. I also watched the Colbert Report, but that I do not enjoy as well. Steven Colbert, while amusing, relies much more on cheap (or expensive) tricks and stunts rather than the dry humour and severe wit of Stewart.

So if you don’t mind some sacrilege, and you aren’t too easily offended, I recommend the following links. It also helps if you enjoy politics and watching parties mock each other. Stewart of course, reviles everyone, it’s his job. But he has a special spot in his heart for thrashing republicans and Christians which is greatly humbling, hilarious and entirely necessary.

Here, we have a very nice piece on the financial crisis, explained quite well and ridiculed to the utmost. The saddest part is, it seems so funny, but it’s all so true. Stewart names companies like CitiGroup and Goldman Sachs who bankrupted America and throttled a global economy; and they did it with corrupt practices, lying and fraudulent accounting. It’s so funny, and yet, so sad.

And this, on healthcare, has to be posted primarily for the sake of Jude Law.

However, I would have to say, one my favourites from today was actually from Colbert: social justice and many people’s misunderstanding of it… not that I”m a proponent of the prosperity gospel or even liberation theology, but still, something to be considered.


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