off the facebook recently:

“I keep telling myself that this didn’t surprise God. He’s not up there going ‘NO! Shoot! Gabriel, get over here! Look at THIS! What is going ON?!’ which is good… but waiting=sucky.”

which cracks me up, because I thought this at work today during a conversation with a friend (over texting… I’m a bad employee). That when I severely jack up things in my life (which I have done recently, on a grand scale) God isn’t freaking out in Heaven. He’s not panicking. “AH! What is she DOING?! I did NOT see this coming.”

In fact, I think he’s sort of chuckling. Like, “alright, honey. I knew this was going to throw you for a loop. And it ain’t gonna be a fun one, but don’t worry. It’s under control, and I’ve got it aaaall worked out. You just hang on tight for a bumpy ride.”

and bumpy it is.


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