Dear Officials

The red card to Cahill was a little unnecessary. It’s not even as though I’m an Australian fan. Personally, I would rather Germany wins this match (and with the score now at 4-nil and barely 20 minutes left… that seems the most likely outcome). But honestly, I just don’t see how you red carded him? From what I observed, he wasn’t challenging, he seemed to be trying to disengage. And while I don’t think it was necessary for him to fall–he wasn’t diving in an attempt to take out the German player.

I mean, the red card this morning to the Serbian player (whose name I will never be able to say or spell) was clear. But this? A yellow card, and the team should have remained at 10 players instead of having one tossed off the field.

Refs. Seriously. Let’s just hope you come back to the light in the second round. And at least it wasn’t teams I was very worried about. [Although, I will admit to enjoying German soccer, and there were some nice crosses and they are fairly agressive which is nice (go figure, Germans are agressive). ]

Let’s just be a little more careful before so flippantly red carding people.




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