House Sitting

I’m house sitting right now, it’s quite convenient as I’m closer to work and farther from everything else. It means I’ve spent more time sleeping in the mornings, and evenings drifting through bouts of contemplation (and occasional loneliness). I sort of like having a whole bunch of space to myself. I can walk around in goofy clothes (like gym shorts and my work blouse), finish laundry right away or not at all, blow dry my hair in the kitchen to watch the World Cup, and eat whenever the heck I want. Of course, when the house creaks at night and the wind howls through the yard, I do get a little unnerved. But mostly, I really love house sitting.

This week I went to dinner with a bunch of girls from work. It was loads of fun. I skipped my church small group to do it… I almost think I should feel bad for ditching out on a Bible study to spend time in a loud restaraunt during happy hour. But I don’t. It was more important to go and love on the girls and be generous to our server (who also works at the bank with me) than to go and sit in a stiffled great room and listen to believers prattle on about righteousness.

It was so much fun, too. I loved it. We didn’t talk about very much. Just work and and summer plans. But seeing those girls outside of work, learning my manager is only a year older than me, hearing funny stories about being hit on by creepy guys at the bank–it might sound weird but I think Jesus was there, sitting in the booth with us. I think he raised his glass when we all did cheers and sipped that strawberry margarita, or the peach fuzz, or one of the drinks that was ordered. I think he had his arms around Abby when she talked about how stressed she is as a new manager, and I think he clutched his stomach and rolled with laughter when they all wanted to know why I didn’t date Brett.

This is why I love working in the secular world, and why I believe that God calls us to missional lifestyles. There is no way that any of those girls would randomly come to church–seeeking after Jesus on a Sunday morning when they should be sleeping would simply never cross their minds. But Rachael told me she thinks I’m so nice that no one could ever dislike me.* I think there is more of Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be seen in every day interactions than there is to be seen at many church services. Jesus is so much more present in the every day secular world than we give him credit for. If we would just live with our eyes open, we would see such great opportunities to share Messiah’s love, and then perhaps the Holy Spirit would move in us and through us (and what a great privilege that would be!).

So here’s to the Texas Roadhouse and house sitting which has opened my eyes to the loneliness of the girls living by themselves, and given me an opportunity to love on them.



*I laughed when Rachael said that and then told her that just means she doesn’t know me very well. Trust me, I can tick off anyone, any day of the week, and I often do.


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