recent adventures

“almost dying at work” (or “accidental car b_mbing”)

sometimes, when our little branch takes in a lot of money, we take it down to the main branch. We have to do it with at least two people, so someone doesn’t run off with the money. I drove down with my manager the other day, and on our way back we had to stop for gas so she could make it downtown for interviews. She went out, started filling up the car, then came back in and as she starts talking to me, her eyes get wiiiide. She reaches to just underneath the steering wheel and turns the keys in the ignition.

“oh my god. I thought I had turned off the car.”

“oh my gaaaw–”

“well! Sorry for trying to blow you up.”

“Yeah, dying is not on my list of things to do today.”

“Yeah! Not looking so hot for tomorrow either!”


“when did we enter Jurassic Park?”

Today I went hiking in Boulder with some friends, up around the Flat Irons. Someday, I’ll maybe even put pictures up… no promises. Anyway, we hiked past this area that had a sign saying a section was closed (probably for habitat restoration purposes). Jacob glances at the sign, then does a double take. “Raptor?” The sign said that the section closed was named something about Raptors. So, every bizarre noise we heard through the rest of the hike caused a conversation like this:


“I would leave you all behind for a velociraptor. I’d be like, see ya! and book it out.”

“Maybe Joy can save us with her bear spray.”

“The bear spray that still has the zip tie on it?”

“Yeah, that one.”

“I thought velociraptors were extinct?”

“Yes, Joy. We’ve covered that. They are. It’s just that, somewhere along the way, we seem to have stumbled into Jurassic Park.”

“Awesome. I always wanted to be in a movie.”

“Did you want to die in that movie? Did you want to be eaten?”


“House sitting Woes”

Heard some weird noises the other day, called my friend Caitlin to stay on the phone with me while I searched the house.

“Caitlin, just tlak to me.”

“Sara, give me the address of where you are.”

“What? Why? I just need you to talk so I’m brave.”

“Why?! So that when I have to call 911 I know where to send the cops.”


and tomorrow is church. and I am stoked.


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  1. thanks, pal. almost called you during the panicky moments of thinking I wasn’t alone at the house. yikes! But since I’m still alive, I think we can safely assume there was no one there with me…. hehe

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