Oh the Woes of Technology

My computer has (for the moment) decided to bite the dust. We (meaning me and my tech team: Popi and Daniel) have not decided if it’s the battery or the charger…. or the disasterous possibility that it’s something worse. Yikes! It should be decently easy to figure out, but in the meantime I’m pretty limited to my internet capabilities. This is frustrating for a few reasons:

I am currently job searching and this presents a conundrum.

I would really like to update you all on my self discovering

[which is happening more and more rapidly]

I can no longer listen to Pandora with Drake, Swell Season or Frightened Rabbit

I can’t email David as frequently (or Cami, for that matter)

But! It is also good. Because it has opened doors for me in some rather startling areas. I am at my parent’s house right now, after talking with my dad about technology and the wearisome problems it causes. And I was given the chance to confess to my mother that I desperately need her. Also, a friend just found out about my computer deficiency and offered me her laptop until I know what must be done to bring my own back from the dead. How awesome is that? I just told my mamma that I am a little kid sorta wandering around and kind of lost; and then a friend expresses incredible sacrifice and generosity without limits by handing over a computer!? Jesus is pretty stellar folks, let me tell you.

Another blessing: I have no access to my favorite tv shows which I once watched via internet. So what else can I do? I can READ. I’m reading a great book right now called Reading Lolita in Tehran that reminds me of why I hurt for the war torn areas and drags me back to the insatiable fear and desire to move to the Muslim world and tell them about Jesus. I’m also reading the Bible more and more and more and actually enjoying it (this phenomenon has carried on since I actually started reading in February). I’ve also been reading The New Yorker and the occasional other magazine article when my friend brings me older copies at work. We’ll chat about that soon though. Because right now, while I have internet, I have to email a few more contacts and really work on this job search issue.


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