something to ponder from a sermon I listened to while scrubbing the kitchen floor tonight (more on that later):

“would you identify yourself as someone in the story [of Ruth]?… I am Alimelech. I asked my wife: “which one am I?” “Alimelech!” She didn’t even breathe! … And his name is what? My God is King! That was me, if you asked me, “Jesus?” (pause) “Sovereign! Lord! King! God! …and if I ever need him I’ll call, but I don’t think I do, cause I got this all taken care of… Alimelech-ish.”

I’ve been thinking about Ruth a lot lately. I mean, everyone around me is getting married or getting into relationships and I’m just sort of cruising on by being single, learning to appreciate it, or at least tolerate it cause God seems to be content keeping me in this place. I’ve been thinking about Ruth because I want to be Ruth. I mean, I want to be like her. So I went back to this sermon series that played my freshman year at SPU. I haven’t listened to Driscoll in ages. Ah, but tonight, scrubbing the floor on hands and knees with candles lit, cursing aching knees, conviction stirring in my heart, re-meeting the brutal and glorious honesty of YWHW, well, it felt like coming home.

the sermon can be found here. The part I quoted is at about minute 60, or just past. The entire thing is great. But I was most convicted when Driscoll had wound himself up at the end and demanded we find ourselves in the story, amidst distrust, bitterness, fear and ultimately: sin. And then he calmly said that we might ask God that if we are in a place of hardship we might ask that the “affliction be sanctified,” and that we might be sanctified in and through the affliction. I think singleness and loneliness can count as an affliction. But there’s no need to wallow in it like a pig in the mud. But instead to go out in faith and trust Jesus to sanctify me, even while the world moves forward and I’m left rooted to the ground. Alone.


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