today Ghena asked what I was doing for dinner as I was heading out the door. I sort of shrugged as I searched my pockets for keys and the money I needed to deposit and my license that keeps hopping from jeans to vest to jacket and back to vest. The snarky little thing needs to be managed a bit more efficiently, I decided today, shoving it back into my clutch wallet and returning it to the mayhem of my purse. “What are you all doing for dinner?” I asked, still absentminded and trying to remember what day it was–oh the glories of unemployment! “Mike’s coming for dinner,” she murmured, scrolling through an internet website while balancing a baby on her hip. “Mike?” I wasn’t sure if she meant Mike and his family–the one that Jonathan grew up with, the family that previously lived in this cozy three bedroom house. “Mike, Jonathan’s cousin, he’s coming up from the Springs. He’s about 23? 24? Pretty nice guy, sort of–” and then she glanced at me, leaning on the counter waiting to hear about this guy that I met once last summer while helping to put wood flooring into the main living spaces of the house. She went back to the computer but waggled a warning finger at me: “He’s not a Christian. So don’t even think about it.”

“What? Naw, I wasn’t thinking about that.” I could see her roll her eyes even though she wasn’t looking in my direction.



Also, I’ve recently  been invited to join a website built for a few friends to dialoggue about faith issues (we’re pretty evenly split  between Christians and LDS). I don’t know how to feel about this. I joined it, I’m officially listed as a contributor–my name is even on the right hand sidebar, very official! But it’s not as though I have much to say. I don’t really enjoy arguing, especially via the internet. I’ve been there, done that, outgrown the t-shirt. I mean, what are we going to talk about? You don’t believe in the Trinity and I do? Okay. Done. And besides, I’m not always very grace filled, I’m not always very quiet about theology, especially when I get excited. I’m not entirely sure how well I’m going to glorify God in this situation.


And finally, I just want you all to know that I am love love loving unemployment. Thus far, I have read the first two Harry Potters (in two days), I helped turn 120lbs of apples into apple sauce and pie filling, and today I spent hours in a coffee shop writing and listening to the Christian proprietors argue over what exactly a G-6 is and what it means to get slizzard…

It. Is. Glorious.


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