it’s official.

I have sent in an application for a visa. Please pray. I ended up having to send my cashier’s check separately because I was a little flustered at the post office and forgot to put it  into the envelope with all the other documents. I have contacted the embassy but I am still a little nervous they’ll deny my application or just send it back when they discover there’s no payment in there…

I am getting excited for this little adventure, but I am also a bit nervous as things are just taking their time to come together. I am learning a lot about trusting Jesus day by day whether that is for housing, food or future plans (of which I have none). But it’s awesome. I love this time of ambiguity and unknowns. It’s not always easy, especially when so many people want to know my life plan and I don’t have one after March… But God has everything under control and I am really growing in my respect for him and knowledge of that truth.

So there are lots of things that could be prayed about. (as always) But mostly, I would appreciate if you’d join me in prayer over that flipping visa, that I didn’t screw it up too badly and that the embassy takes pity on my idiocy…


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