hm. I’m good at bad communication. which is a backwards and almost double negative way of saying: I don’t communicate well.

so let’s be straight about some thigns. No flowery language. No mess. Just clarity.

1. I am really quite okay.

2. I like my life.

3. I am lonely sometimes. That’s why I am back at Adullam. That’s why I went to two church services yesterday because it meant spending time with Ingrid and Grahm between services, and lunch afterwards with everyone else. But, 70% of the time. I am okay with being single.

4. I am not a perfect Christian. I swear. I snap at people. I don’t turn to Jesus as I should. But I’m repenting. I’m moving forward.

5. As to the couple posts regarding my friend Brett:

(a) we are friends, really truly. But he has hinted at more than that and I have taken advantage of that when I’m bored or lonely; because he is available. So I text him. Because I know, if no one else responds, Brett will always text me back.

(b) so we are friends. but I have used him. (see point 4) I am repenting and moving forward.

6. I don’t always know who I am.

7. I don’t always know what I am doing with my life.

8. I am learning who I am.

9. I am trusting God to know what I’m doing with my life.

10. I’m really, most of the time,  doing okay. (sometimes: I’m fantastic. :] )


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