Hello Christmas

It’s the first of December which marks the start of my favourite time of year. Christmas has the potential to be perfectly magical: snow falling, people gathering, carols ringing, hot chocolate drinking. (okay, that last one doesn’t exactly work grammatically but hey!) This year, as I look out the window, I don’t see snow, I’ve just shut off a rather pathetic idea of Christmas carols (oh KOSI 101), I’m alone in a big house and i’m actually drinking a rather delicious gevalia latte instead of hot chocolate.
But the coffee is called Royal Winter Vintage. So I guess that makes this moment a little Christmas-y-er than first assumed. And even though it’s not snowing, it’s fricking cold out there. And even though I’m alone, I’m relishing in the moments of last night (some good, some bad, mostly good). And even though there isn’t music, I think I’m going to rectify that situation. I jsut need to get up off my rear and do something about that–and probably take a shower too considering it’s after 10.

But I wanted to hop on here and say: Hello World! Welcome to Advent. He’s Coming! Isn’t it magical?


One response

  1. Not sure what your Christmas music taste is…but KLOVE is streaming a channel of all Christmas music on their website. We’ve got it on right now… 🙂

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