I was given a sermon and prayed over in a starbucks parking lot (should we talk more about this? it was pretty fantastic.)

I had coffee with a great old friend that I didn’t know when it would have been easy and convenient but have lately taken to with completely delighted surprise. (Too bad she lives 25 minutes away now, and you know, doesn’t go to my church. Convenience? What’s that?)

I had a phone date with a long lost bestie in Chicago who might be  here for a little bit around Christmas!

I had this phone conversation:

Ingrid: Is this my normal friend Sara B—?

Sara: Why yes, it is.

Ingrid: So do you have your life planned out yet?

Sara: Hm? Oh, yeah, I’ve got the next ten years lined up, with back up plans in case of a husband suddenly appearing and even made some plans for kids too. And in case of flash flooding, I’m covered.

Ingrid: What about zombies? Do you have a zombie clause? I always find it helpful to have one of those. Just in case, you know.

Sara: Oh! I hadn’t thought of that! I do have vampires figured out tho, because if I become immortal, I’ll have a lot more time to kill on my hands. But zombies, I hadn’t thought of that.


And guess what else? Jesus. Next week. I heard this rumour. He’s on the move.


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