amusing conversations:

I’ve had a few amusing conversations with friends lately and I thought I’d share a few snippets from them:

these happened over texting last night:

Kyle:…random question. Is your family Calvinist?

Sara:  My dad says 4 and 3/4 quarters because he wants to leave some room for uncertainty. And my brother just gave me a lecture that TULIP isn’t Calvinism, it’s the five basic tenements separating Calvinism from Arminianism. Yeah. We’re Calvinists. 🙂

(discussing simple faith vs theology) Kyle: granted most world Christians will never hear the word Calvinism…

Sara: Yeah, I said something about the average layman and my brother sort of snapped: Are we to allow them to remain uneducated?! misinformed?! No!

Sara: On a  lighter note, we’re playing cards and my dad just tried to exorcise the deck cause he keeps drawing bad cards… love my family.

discussing the possibility that never being married bmight be the expression of God’s soveriegnty in our lives..

Sara: I  just lost at cards.

Kyle: I guess it wasn’t God’s will.

Sara: Let’s hope the marriage option has a differend kind of outcome…

Kyle: Ahaha. Seriously. A little bigger deal.

Sara: You clearly  haven’t played cards with my family…


tonight when G and J arrived home with the kiddos:

Ghena: It’s fifty six degrees in here!

Sara: Why do you think I’m wearing this awesome outfit of six different colours and sleeve lengths? You wish you could pull this look off like I do.

(two minutes later) Jonathan: are you going out? or are you just, uh, wearing that to stay warm?


Matt, on Christmas in New Mexico: I hate the cold. I prefer to sing “I’m dreaming of a broooooowwwwwn Christmas!” Or sandy. That works too.

Matt, on racism: I tell people I’m from New Mexico and they’re like “wow, man, you’re English is actually really good!” Thanks jerk.

Matt, on working for Raytheon in Saudi Arabia: and at the end of the job offer, the guy says “oh, by the way, we have one of the best EVAC plans around.” And I was like “well sign me up damnit! EVAC plans? I’m sold!


talking about the allergic reaction on my face.

Sara: surprisingly, my skin feels quite clear, like the  breakout just disappeared.

Ghena: that’s because it all got burned off by the allergic reaction!

Sara: maybe I should try this once a month.


Liz: oh those are cute socks.

Sara: thanks, they’re my dad’s. pulled on over my jeans inside the boots. That’s right. I am that cool.


Jed: By the time your food gets here, we’re all going to be done eating.

Sara: and then you’re going to abandon me, aren’t you?

Jed: well, I wasn’t going to say it quite like that… but  yeah, basically.

Sara: thanks.

Jed: oh, no problem.


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