SB and SB

SB: No! Don’t say that! [regarding a text received] No! No! No!
SB: Well, that’s what you get for lying.

SB: Give me the phone! You’re not texting and driving in the fricking snow!

SB: she told me to shave my legs and wear my lacey  bra.

SB: I’m having an adrenaline rush.
SB: No, your having an irrational fear of the phone.

SB: I should have said I was getting my PhD at Harvard… Getting a degree in Philosophy
SB: or Liturgical Ethics.
SB: Right. Studying under Goetz.

SB: Harvey Cox?
SB: look him up, he’s famous. Oh look, google’s first answer: Harvey Cox the future of faith. Kind of a big deal.
SB: shut up.

SB: how did he fail his seminary  boards and become a priest?
SB: I’m not sure, actually. I forgot to ask.

SB: I haven’t found a legitimate excuse to ask for his number. (sigh) He’s really attractive.
SB: I think that’s a legitimate excuse.


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