Sarah visited this weekend. We had so many good long talks, in the living room over goat cheese or at the coffee shop overlooking the mountains, and each night laying in bed until she mumbled a little more than she talked and I realized she had fallen asleep. We had a lot of good laughter. We’ve known each other a while and it felt good to laugh with someone who knows you deeply and loves you despite the quirks they know you possess. We were up late and back up again early. We drove to Loveland, to Estes and down around Denver. We played in the snow, I fell in the snow and then she made me ice my back with frozen peas last night. It was cold. But it was great.

I wish I had something profound and more beautiful to say about her visit. But I can only really say that it was good. There is something refreshing about being with someone who knows you so well and loves you. Someone who makes you laugh (I think you need to lay down on the bed and put the peas on your ass) and is also willing to speak the truth (you don’t want to date him. you just have feelings).  It was so good. So so so good. Thanks SB. Love you.


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