dried up

sorry friends. I haven’t had much to say lately. I am feeling dried up, wasted away, blowing on thin air over high plains of dusty ground and drifting snow. So I’ve just got amusing stories. Here’s one from tonight at dinner. We are practicing opposites with Mercé lately.

Jonathan: What’s the opposite of tall?
Mercé: uuuh, short!
Jonathan: What’s the opposite of thin?
Mercé: uuuh…
Sara: Fat. me, right now.

[Graecen, Eden and I proceed to push out our stomachs and make bloated faces while I lament the lack of running in the past two weeks]

Grae: Sara, you look sort of pregnant when you do that.
Sara: Um, thanks?
Eden: Sara, I would be really happy but really unhappy if you were pregnant.
Sara: Why would you be happy?
Eden: It would mean I’d have a new friend coming! (with delighted smile)
Sara: And why would you be unhappy?
Eden: Because it would mean you disobeyed God. (with sorrowful frown)

Oh Eden. You and your sister Ave. You’re the reasons I’m becoming a teacher. Our awesome discussions on moral versus secular laws, our discussion of China and the opium problem before the Boxer Rebellion,  our talks about Ruth, respecting husbands, submitting to authority, even our talks about the Balkan mess, alliances and wars… You’ve made me realize through those and your incredible understanding of the faith that American children are worth pouring into. And I, even I!, might be capable of such a thing.

I’m very poor. In faith and money. But I think I’m going back to school. Huzzah, Eden. Huzzah, Jesus.


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