Friday Afternoons

the house is quiet… or at least, devoid of people save me. So it’s not actually quiet. Because I have Mars Hill music blasting out of the laptop speakers and I am singing along quite freely. And while that music is playing? What have I been doing? Well, let me reveal to you the best way to spend a Friday afternoon:

you start with a caramel rice cake smothered in crunchy peanut butter (I prefer creamy, but beggars earning rent by cleaning can’t be choosers!)

Then there’s a good short sweet phone call to a dear friend after recieving in the mail a traditional dress from the Middle East!

and of course, this is all mixed in with texts from a theological nerd.

And then, because your calves are sore from running barefoot again last night you do some yoga stretches while listening to Matt Chandler preach on Colossians.

Then, still listening to that, you mix up vinegar, water, dish soap and some peppermint oil and proceed to wash down the kitchen floor. Hands and knees ladies and gentlemen! It’s the only way to do it!

Then you spray some of that awesome floor shiner stuff and rub it in, sigh with delight at the way the linoleum glows in the waning sunlight.

By now the sermon has ended. Put on some good rocking worship music. I suggest Red Letter or Keeler.

Then, there’s the living room floor. You should probably sweep this one first, especially where the barstools are… And then with just plain water, wash and dry…think Karate Kid (which I’ve never actually seen) Wax on. Wax off. (read: water on, water off)

Make sure the dog isn’t scratching while you do this. It COMPLETELY defeats the purpose! Dog hair=bucan baggus (or tira bike).

Wipe down those counter tops, cabinets, floor boards and the vents on the floors.

Let the dog back in.

Text the theological nerd about how delightful it is to be a Proverbs 31 chica, even though you’ve never actually read the chapter, only a book about it. Just pretend you’re the biblical scholar that a PK and MK is supposed to be…

Fix those spots where the shiny stuff didn’t absorb correctly, we all know it’s going to bother your OCD.

Look at your work and experience the delight of God after his own creation. Declare with ridiculous pride over such a small thing: It is Good!

And then, make some tea, sit down, kick up those feet and enjoy some John Piper. Or C.J. Mahaney.


that, my friends, is a good friday afternoon.


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