plea for help

hey friends,

while in Central Asia I am planning to put some privacy measures on here. I’m looking at a few options and wondering if anyone out there has an opinion or other suggestion.

a. I can have 35 people create accounts which I can then “okay” to view my blog. But you have to have a little profile thing. You wouldn’t have to do anything with it (no obligation to blog!) but I don’t know if people want to make their own accts.

b. I can have one massive profile for you to use to log in with. But then you have to all behave and not create hundreds of goofy blogs through the one profile.

c. I can look at doing this via blogger, I think they might handle it differently.

d. You can all sign up for email subscriptions, which I think would still get out even if I had the privacy settings up and blocking non-approved-users.

thoughts? opinions? suggestions? I’m not good at this….


2 responses

  1. You should “trial run” your email subscribers. Set up your stuff and then do a post and then we’ll tell you if it sent to us or not…That’s what I think you should do. And BTW, what gives, you only got ONE comment on this? Shame on your readers!

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