boy in forever 21 to girl:  I don’t know how to shop for girls. I mean, (helplessly) What do you people like?

text to Kyle: I was just informed by a child that you choose a career and then go on your honeymoon. “But you have to get married first, or a honeymoon is just silly.”

Caedemon: baby needs his pass-y-fi-yer. [I’m glad we made pacifier a four syllable word]

Kyle: I’m watching American Idol
Sara: Omgosh. I’m judging you. And not putting you down as a seminary reference.

Ghena: I hear something like that and I want to scoot away, just in case they get smited.

Kyle: I’ve been counseled not to seek beauty. (Proverbs 31)
Sara: Well, it’s a good thing we’re platonic. I mean, I’m really good looking. And good thing there’s nothing about husbands not being good looking!

Ingrid: why do you like him? cause he’s hot?
Sara: well, I was going to say attractive. but yes.


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