here are some amusing quotes from life recently.

“We’re rocking out to Christian music and smoking a cigarette. This is like one of my favourite things to do. Seriously.”

“OMG. That is SO going on the blog.”
“Don’t put my name on it. Well, actually, you can put my name on it. Yeah, put my name on it.”

“Do you spell ‘queue’ q-u-e?”
“Yeah, Q-U-E.”

“You manage a band.”
“You manage a band?”
“Yes, my new happy nerdy place is reading about guitar amps.”

“You think she’s all conservative and sweet. But then you put on some music and she’s like, ‘look out! I grew up with black people!’ and starts throwing down dance moves.”
….[a few hours later in a totally separate conversation]….
“I think he sees me as this really modest, conservative girl or something. But we were at Brad’s and someone put on music and I was like ‘let me show you how it’s done, I grew up with black people!'”

“Marriage is beautiful. But I hate to shatter your dreams, marriage is fricking hard.”

“I’m from Delaware. [hastens to explain] but don’t worry! I’m not from slower lower.”
“I am.”
“Oh. Um…”

“He was like, ‘I’ve been admiring you from a distance for awhile now,’ and I was like, ‘omgosh! creeper! I’ve never even seen you!'”

“My dad said I was the most sacriligeous person he knows.”
“I think that’s a compliment.”


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