Sunny afternoon

You should watch the video at the bottom, I mean, you should play it while reading this post. It is my soundtrack for this post. It’s light and cheerful. I thoroughly enjoy Florence and the Machine. It’s a slightly bizarre video. But worth it. She has an incredible voice.

We followed someone in the parking lot today, parked next to them, got out and introduced ourselves. The kid looked terrified. But he had a bumper sticker for Lacrosse the Nations. We couldn’t pass that up. He shook our hands. He wants to go to Nicaragua. Maybe someday, he’ll love Jesus and  be more than just a good kid as Lou called him. Maybe someday, Jesus will pull him out and make a brilliant work of art from the pieces of this lacrosse player on Arapahoe Road.

And then, there were the memories of last night. The moment when I walked into Molly’s and saw everyone sitting around. I just stood there for a moment, probably looking awkward. I was tired, exhausted might be a better word. I’ve had too many late nights, too many open conversations, and not enough running. I didn’t know where to go, I was going to climb over everyone to find a seat. I lovethose people. I was relieved to walk into the room and be amidst the laughter. Molly grinned, “there’s food and drinks in the kitchen.” I came back with a plate of chips with some cheese, green onions and jalapenos sprinkled over it. Ingrid looked at it and then looked at me. “Did you not want chili?”

“there was chili?”

“Yeah, a freaking huge pot on the stove.”


and they started laughing agin. It was glorious. I love my community. We sent over an hour at lunch yesterday where we took over the restaruant and then we spent hours eating food, telling stories about epic hikes** and funny things about us that no one really knows.

It’s sunny today. It was warm. I didn’t wear a coat. I wore my new jeans that I spent too much money on given my current economic situation. ‘Grid was laughing at me. Matt and I had a brilliant conversation about kavorka and lebanese food and I laughed. And all I could think was, this is perfect. This is good. We’re so jacked up most of us. But it’s so good.

and now, I think I could go for some goat cheese. mmm. delicious.


**Molly and I re-told our story of the hike. It was awesome. We showed pictures. People laughed. I like it when people laugh.


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