free *bucks

I went to coffee with my dad yesterday. I drove out in the cold to Kipling and met him at a Starbucks near the highway. It was good fun. I felt a little apprehensive pulling off and having coffee in that neighbourhood. It’s near where Jason lives and I’m always in terror of running into him. Is that childish? I also have a fear of Castle Rock, which I drove through today, because I don’t want to see Nick either. I’m just not sure what you say to someone after dating, breaking up and not talking for several months. I mean, hello, how’s work, how’s your life, the basics. But still, it’s bound to be awkward.


I went to coffee with my dad and he generously handed me an empty bag so I could get a free tall drip. I don’t always love Starbucks and their drip…but for free? heck-a yes! We nestled into a corner because the place was quite busy and Popi said I only had 35 minutes until he had to head back to work. So I kicked in the circular breathing and started unloading.

Somewhere in those 35 minutes which became 40…somewhere I realized how lucky I am. My parents are amazing. I flipping love them. I’m so blessed to have them, and it’s weird because I haven’t appreciated them in the past 6 months. But my daddy is so wonderful, he loves me despite the fact that I can be a real brat. He gave me this huge hug yesterday and said he loved me and Jesus loves me and he was proud of me and said he could tell I was doing better.

And then today, I took some “Kick-ass Immune” from Whole Foods to my mum cause she’s feeling a little under the weather. And she was all smiley. “Oooh! Just let me wash my hands and then I can HUG you!”

Love love love my family. I can’t believe I went for a few months and was crabby with them. They are so incredible.


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