Well, despite the fact that I”m a recommendation down for seminary, I went in today to meet with the financial aid guy. My jeans were wet and my sweater was wet and I was a few minutes late. I aplogized to Joel. Mostly, I apologized for the possibility of leaving a wet spot on his chair because my jeans weren’t dry from being washed. He laughed. “I appreciate the honesty…. but better that than you leaving me to wonder what the heck happened that left a wet spot on my chair!”

and then afterwards I sent this text to Kyle:

“my day so far: ah! scholarships! ah! fafsa! ah! grad school! ahhhhhhhhhh!”

so this week’s projects include applying for the full ride (generally intended for students pursuing a pastoral position with pulpit responsbilities. Well, whatever, I’m applying anyway.), applying for about five other scholarships and filling out that fafsa.

swimming in debt, here I come! {And I’ve never been so terrified.}


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