sweaty afternoons

I’m cleaning. I’m listening to worship music. I’m trying to be fast so I can be in community tonight.

but most of all:

today, I miss Mars Hill.



regarding clothes:

Sara: Yeah, Nate sort of dropped a bombshell on me last night
Jackie: (terribly alarmed) Yeah? What’d he say?!
Sara: (sigh) He likes sun-dresses.

awkward pause

Jackie: That’s a bombshell?
Sara: well…yeah…
Jackie: ohmuhgod. (rolls eyes) ohmuhgod.

hi hi hi


I’ve been busy. so here’s the quicky (or the skinny or the skivvy) on life lately.

You can thank Ethan for this update—this text was too hard to resist: “O MI GAWSH! I have read your blog on repenting like a million times! I require new material!”

I had a job for two months. I’m unemployed again. Bah. At least it’s summer this time around.

I am moving in July/August to a refugee community in a not too great part of town and I’m STOKED.

I should currently  be cleaning and not procrastinating.

{but Mars Hill Music isn’t working correctly so I am lacking proper inspiration}

I am attending seminary starting in August.

My computer turns on again (huzzah!) but I am still pining away for a Mac.

And I was going to add pictures to this to make it a worthwhile post…but I can’t figure out getting them from Facebook to here, now that FB has that new photo-viewer-thing-ma-jig. Erg. Will try again later. Now…I need to wash these floors.

grace. and love. and peace.