hi hi hi


I’ve been busy. so here’s the quicky (or the skinny or the skivvy) on life lately.

You can thank Ethan for this update—this text was too hard to resist: “O MI GAWSH! I have read your blog on repenting like a million times! I require new material!”

I had a job for two months. I’m unemployed again. Bah. At least it’s summer this time around.

I am moving in July/August to a refugee community in a not too great part of town and I’m STOKED.

I should currently  be cleaning and not procrastinating.

{but Mars Hill Music isn’t working correctly so I am lacking proper inspiration}

I am attending seminary starting in August.

My computer turns on again (huzzah!) but I am still pining away for a Mac.

And I was going to add pictures to this to make it a worthwhile post…but I can’t figure out getting them from Facebook to here, now that FB has that new photo-viewer-thing-ma-jig. Erg. Will try again later. Now…I need to wash these floors.

grace. and love. and peace.