I’m obsessed with community

Like the fact that asking two guys to help move beds to the apartment turned into five guys from all sides of town.

Or that we sort of kidnapped Liz after a bad day at work and drove through water that I could feel under the floorboards of my car. I love stick shift in the monsoon storms we’re getting here in Colorado.

And the way that I keep getting hugged.

And people give me free stuff–like quilts and chairs and junk for the apartment.

Or how the boys who moved our stuff loved the Nepali children that tackle us with hugs every time we enter the apartment common area. “It’s just like India!” Ben said with sheer delight as a little boy “helped” him carry a book case to the apartment.

And the way that people say things like this to me on sweaty  nights when the treadmill won’t work and I’ve been feeling terribly unattractive: “those guys are all idiots. They are interested in shallow beauty, not true beauty. Believe me. I was there. I dated a model because she was hot not beautiful, just hot…there are times when I just want you to realize how beautiful you are and how confident you should be. I wish there was a way I could just show you what I see.”

Yeah. I like this place well enough to stick around for at least a six month lease.


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