I have three jobs right now and may pick up another. Right now I hold such various positions as:

Research Assistant
Childcare Supervisor
Writer of a children’s novel

Yeah. God’s providing. It’s sort of uncomfortable. But it’s sort of the best thing ever. I told a friend recently that I have an expiration date coming up: December.* It’s when I run out of money (of what I have now, on hand). But God is providing so many different things…It’s crazy to watch. The only way I’m still afloat is the grace and provision of God. It’s terrifying. But it’s awesome becuase I am really learning to trust Him for everything. And I mean, everything.

Why O Soul are you downcast within me? Are you not worth more than the sparrows?


*Of course, December is a perfect expiration date considering that the world ends in January 2012.


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