Miniature Mission Field

I’ll finish the story of the meal this weekend. But I wanted to share a picture in the meantime. I took this last night of Asmita and her siblings while they sat on our futon and watched a movie on Molly’s computer. Nepali movies are interesting…I think the main male character is kind of creepy looking, and he seems to play with the girl’s hearts a lot. But that manipulation, as far as I can tell, is almost celebrated in the movie. Of course, amidst the high pitched whining (commonly mistaken for singing), I’m never entirely sure what’s going on in a Nepali movie; so my judgement could be completely wrong.

Either way, I would just like to say that despite sometimes complaining about the children who are perpetually in our house, I do love that they are comfortable to come in without knocking and just plop down after snagging an ice cube from the fridge. I was trying to describe this place to someone recently and the best I could do was to say it’s an oversized culturally mixed up village. In the middle of Denver, it’s like a tiny mission field.

Asmita (white) and the boys


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