propped up dysfunctionality

in a recent class we discussed vitality in ministry. we talked about what it means to be a spiritual leader and make sure that your own spiritual life is healthy. this is a problem in many churches and it’s pretty epidemic among pastors to be just as unhealthy as those they are meant to be ministering to. when asked why, my professor responded with this:

“First, it’s a system in which we are all complicit. We’re all a part of it and everyone is guilty.

We’re a dysfunctional family where it’s like the pastor is an alcoholic and we’re all enabling.

On one level, it’s functional. He gets his ego needs met and we have a ‘successful’ pastor. But in reality it’s deeply destructive to everyone.”

We all laughed, it’s a perfect analogy!

And then we sobered up.

Because it’s a perfect analogy.


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