Le Jesus Politique

I went into this paper assuming that Jesus was only a political  figure in how he may have been misunderstood by the Zealots who were searching for a militaristic Messiah. Being a good westerner, I know the importance of separating church from state. And I assumed that Jesus (being so forward minded) didn’t plan on being understood as a political figure. He was coming to save us from sin.

not a political regime.

Obviously, Jesus didn’t overthrow Rome.

and  yet, after all my research,

I don’t think Jesus was so apolitical.

This is changing the way I read the gospels. It is obscuring the way I view our nation. And my role in our political system.

My paper is supposed to be 13-18 pages. I’ve only written there paragraphs. (and 18 pages is not enough space to cover all of this)

Obviously, I’m not done.

But I just want to throw it out there:

what if Jesus was incredibly involved in the political scene of his day? What if he was calling for an overthrow of Rome from beneath because he was calling for radical redefinitions of society? What if he was crucified as a political insurrectionist, rather than a simple blasphemer who was getting on everyone’s nerves?

what if being a blasphemer and an insurrectionist were the same thing?


also, I really liked the quote below and since it doesn’t fit in my paper, you’re being saddled with the responsibility of sharing in my appreciation.

“Give me proof of the existence of God,” said Frederick of Prussia to his chaplain.
“Your majesty,” replied the chaplain, “behold the Jews.” The survival of Israel is a miracle of history…. [Until The Coming of Messiah and His Kingdom; Robert Shank]


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