Why Wednesdays

I’m thinking of beginning to actually plan things on this blog.

I think I am going to organize it and not just write pithy wandering posts.

Changes might include a bit of sprucing up (it is a bit dark around here!) and more pictures as I recently discovered the easy process of taking pictures from my phone to my computer.

Another change is going to be structure. Specific, orderly structure.

Here, I suppose, is where I announce the advent of “Why Wednesdays.”

Each Wednesday I plan to post on a new topic that explains why I think a certain way about a topic, or why I am doing such and such a thing with my future.

Feel free to ask questions, respond, and demand answers on the posted topic or on an entirely new topic altogether. Be mean, be friendly, be inquisitive or aloof. Well, not aloof. Because above all, I want you to be engaged. And this is one way I’d like to do that.

Maybe next week, I’ll explain what drove me to doing Why Wednesdays and where the unexpected inspiration came from. Maybe.

Until then. Enjoy the fall season and the many great things it brings (like pumpkin! and butternut squash soup! and scarves! and pumpkin lattes! and being thankful! and frost! and clouds!)


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