Why: I’m considering skipping class

I haven’t done laundry in almost three weeks. I could really use some clean clothes. But that takes time–and at someone else’s house since it’s expensive at my apartment to pay for laundry. Clearly, clean clothes take precedent over learning.

I just discovered a 10-12 page paper due in two weeks. I didn’t know this one existed until I ran into a classmate at the Old Mill and he asked if I had started it. Perfect. What an excuse to sit at the coffee shop and just study! I need to block out some serious time to do this.

I could really use a nap. I’ve been pulling 5 hour nights lately between homework and social life. I think my body would appreciate some extra sleep today.

I don’t feel like it. It’s a short class. I haven’t skipped any other classes. I think it’d be nice to skip my afternoon class. Besides, a ton of other schools in the area are closed, why not mine?

Which leads to the most important reason: the other schools are closed due to a nice little snow storm last night! I want to sit in a coffee shop, sip my chai or London Fog, work on homework, be cozy warm, and admire the snow! Come on world! It’s the first legitimate storm this year! I shouldn’t have to go to school!




but we all know I’m a goody-to-shoes (whatever that means). So I’ll see you after TM Intro. Dang.


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