scribblings (when I should be studying)

I started rambling in an email to a friend recently. I was sitting in a favorite coffee shop admiring the mountains and drinking a London Fog I’d made at home. I’d just paid bills and was rather glad that I had money left over afterwards! God is so very very good to me. In the relief of a weekend soon to come, this came out:

I am almost done reading the homework for NT. I just discovered a new paper I have due and am scrambling to do everything else so I can work on that.So I am sitting in a coffee shop inside a church with terrible Christian music. But it has this inredible view of the mountains. And for that I am grateful. It helps me rest, being able to look at those great figures breathing softly  beneath their winter blanket. THe clouds are sparse against the blue, the thin kind that look like cotton in fields not yet ready for picking. Or perhaps, better put, like the cotton that’s been stretched and brushed. It has gaps and holes but it clings together …and now I’m just rambling.

But the mountains did look to breath easy  under the light blanket of snow. And those stretched thin clouds that drifted lazily across the bright blue sky…it was a perfect winter day.

God is so very good to me.


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