Little Amusements

My nose is infected from that blasted nose ring. So I have to soak it in saline again. Last night, I grumpily poured a bowl of hot water, clunked it onto the tilted black table in our eating nook and began to swirl the water with non-iodized-salt. “What’s that?” Molls asked.
“Salt water,” I said in a rather cranky tone that probably made her think she had offended. Really, it was the bright red side of my nose that had given rise to the frustration. I sat down and sighed, “it’s for my nose.”
“Hm.” she mumbled and went about writing another Christmas card.
“Don’t laugh,” I said as I gathered my hair and leaned close to the bowl. Molls looked over and didn’t even attempt to hide her chuckle. “Alright, fine!” I snapped but I was laughing too, “you can laugh! I know it’s ridiculous.” And then I smooshed my face into the little bowl, hunched over while Molls happily enjoyed my misery for the next three minutes. I couldn’t even join the amusement, the last time I laughed while doing this, I inhaled salt water. Not fun.


Tonight it was snowing and the car I was driving decided to let the windshield wipers go. Of all the things! I mean, the seat warmers are great, but I could manage without that fuse functioning tonight. And the alarm system–that could have died as well. But of all the things, Gretta thought the most unecessary for driving included the windshield wipers. Ah, Gretta. Somedays, you’re an old dog that just needs put down.

So I’m parked at my parents, instead of driving thirty five minutes to my own home. And upstairs I can hear my mum shouting “I can’t hear you!” while my dad laughs uproariously. I don’t know what that’s all about. But I’m glad we’ve returned to junior high. It’s pretty fabulous.

And now, I’m off to some reading. Pleasure reading. I love break. I’m reading three books concurrently, and I chose every. single. one.


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