WHY: I should stop being insecure

alternate title: WHY: I should not be so chatty when insecure.

recently I met a friend’s new roommate. I invited him to come to something and then thought  he might feel obligated so I immediately flipped around and started explaining myself. I tried to recover from something that wasn’t even a failure. My friend related what happened after the event was over and he had returned home.

C [roommate] : your friend’s interesting.

E: how so?

C: well, I just met her, and I could tell she was into me.

E: dude. She’s not into you.

C: what?

E: she’s after some scrawny half bearded kid at seminary. she’s not into you.

C: oh. okay then.

and all this, simply because I didn’t want someone to feel obligated to hang out with me if they didn’t want to. I have got to learn that I can be friendly. But not overly chatty and feel a need to recover from something that doesn’t need recovering from…. because apparently, I give off the impression that I’m romantically interested in someone when I talk to much.

I don’t think I want to meet too many more male roommates in the future.


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