Life Lately

I have so little to write about lately. Perhaps it’s all the writing I’m doing for school and the obscene amounts of reading I’m also committed to each week.  This semester has brought a slew of new friends, and strengthened a number of relationships from the fall. It has also brought a host of new challenges and learning curves. This is fabulous for me. Learning has never been so difficult and never so engaging.

Yet… I have been feeling left dry. While I haven’t gone back an read any old posts, I can recall some from memory. The one about the homeless woman, with her gaping smile or about the writing that I did in church when I still attended church in the movie theatre. I think of posts like that with a bit of longing. I wish I wrote like that still, full of emotion and cadence. I’m learning to write academically now; I hope it makes my diction better, tightens my grammar and strengthens the breadth of topics I’m able and willing to cover. I am also painfully aware of the chance that it undermines my creativity, distorts my voice and cripples my expression.

I want to excel in both realms of my life: academia and creativity.

Somedays though, it feels as though I will learn one at the expense of the other.


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  1. Even when it’s good, the constant pressure of academia leaves you dry. Don’t force creativity. You’re only in there for a while, it will pass and you will write again.

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