WHY: summer reading

I love summer for a lot of reasons. One of them is the chance to read books that aren’t for class. So far this summer, I”ve re-read The Hobbit, three of the Harry Potters, Justification by NT Wright, Atheist Delusions, some Francis Schaffer and right now I”m working through That Hideous Strength and Desiring God.

That Hideous Strength is even more magical and soul quenching as an adult. I love the imagery and connections between Lewis’ space trilogies and the ancient mythology of Britain’s Pendragon and mysterious Merlin. I have a friend who doesn’t read moves because he doesn’t feel like they are worth his time. But the truth is, sometimes novels can portray theology and spiritual realities even more accurately than those written by scholars (granted, Lewis was a scholar, but The Space Trilogy doesn’t fit that schema of writing).

It’s been a good summer of sitting on the porch at E’s, listening to the wind in the aspens and reading books that I’ve chosen and that I’m learning from–even without writing papers about them.


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